Saint Louis Sudbury School is for students ages 5-18 who prefer self-directed learning in an age-mixed, democratic community.


Hours & Attendance policy

School hours are 8am - 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Students are not required to be at school the entire day. Minimum attendance is 5 hours per day, with full-time students attending 5 days per week. Part-time students attend Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

To meet the 5-hour attendance requirement, the latest drop-off time is 10:30am. Pick-up is 1 - 3:30pm.

School Meeting

School Meetings will take place every Wednesday at 11am. All students, staff, and board members are invited to meetings, although meetings are not mandatory. This is where democracy happens! All decisions related to running the school are made here—one vote per person (whether you’re 4 years old or 40 years old). Have a field trip idea? Put it on the agenda! Think a school rule is unfair? Change it!


Your child isn’t ready for Sudbury? No problem — preschool on campus is coming soon!



Currently, no breakfast or lunch will be provided. Students will bring their own food or ingredients to prepare in the school kitchen. Staff should be made aware of any allergies within the community. There will be no scheduled mealtime or guaranteed supervision of what/when students eat while at school.



Saint Louis Sudbury School is a nonprofit corporation in the state of Missouri, with plans to acheive 501(c)3 status in the near future.